Are you finding it hard to get your fields line marked?

We make yours and the life of your staff and volunteers easier. Mark My Turf does it all for you. Our GPS system gives you the most accurate lines on turf or grass.

If your club, school or business need line marking for sports fields or corporate events, then your world has just changed.

We do your line marking for you. No more buying equipment and paint, no need to find volunteers to give up hours of their time. We can set up the first line marking then your ongoing maintenance becomes easier. Or we take care of it for you – ALL SEASON!

Call for a quote and find out how cost effective line marking can be.

Mark My Turf can mark out playing arenas on grass and turf. With various colours and marking styles available, different sporting codes can be marked on the same venue. The processes and paint used by Mark My Turf will ensure that the requirements of your local government or the owners of the venue are met.

Sporting association rules and regulations applicable to codes of sport played on turf or grass surfaces in WA are utilised in the absence of any specific requirements sought.

Services provided by Mark My Turf are not restricted to sporting fields. If you have a requirement that is not listed on our ‘Line Marking Services’ page, please call us. Mark My Turf can create custom or novelty event marking, ideal for pre-primary sports days or corporate sports events and map venues for identification of vendor areas.

Mark My Turf is always conscious of its customers’ expectations. This is why we use water-based non-hazardous line marking paint certified to ISO9001 standards. Our suppliers ensure that the paint we use will produce a bright and contrasting finish, in a large range of colour finishes. We can perform your line marking requirements assured that the line marking paint we use will exceed your expectations, being resilient to rain and moisture without ‘burning’ or damaging the leaf.

Neither our paint nor our processes utilise the use of toxins or herbicides that have the capacity to affect your health and negatively impact the appearance of your grass or turf asset. Our paint does not kill the grass and create furrows which can be hazardous to users of the sports field.

As a customer of Mark My Turf, you can be confident and assured that your asset will maintain its appearance all season, unaffected by the products we use.