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Richard Brown, the founder of Mark My Turf knows why your club, school or association should get your outdoor sports fields professionally line marked.

Richard’s experience in sporting club management found that:

  • Line marking was a difficult role to fill and one that needed a dedicated person or people who are readily available and able to complete the task accurately, effectively, and on time;
  • Increasing demands of governing sports bodies and perceptions regarding the value of paid membership and associated expectations need to be met by sporting clubs;
  • The use of allocated ground space needed an efficient and economical solution to reduce the costs associated with ground management; and
  • The use of some methods for marking grounds are contrary to personal safety and health of end users and the ground’s presentation and surface quality.

Mark My Turf is committed to the timely provision of a quality sports line marking product that exceeds the expectations of its customers and end-user — the players.

Safety and Welfare
The safety and welfare of staff and volunteers must always be the first priority for any organisation considering the marking of sports grounds. Delegating the task of line marking means that staff and volunteers will not be exposed to extremes of temperature and to UV light. Herbicides and other chemical solutions may have lasting and detrimental affects to personal health and well-being. Using the Global Position System (GPS) line marking system and environmentally safe, water-based products means that the risk of your staff and volunteer’s exposure to the extremes of Perth’s climate and harmful chemicals is eliminated.

Mark My Turf’s GPS controlled line marking equipment ensures accuracy of lines, giving you the peace of mind that the playing area will meet the required standards of dimension and layout. Using certified water-based paint solutions ensures that conditions of ground use imposed by local and state governments pertaining to the marking of grounds will be met, and potentially expensive compensation for damage to turf or irrigation infrastructure is eliminated.

The availability of various colours means Mark My Turf can ensure your sports arena is marked according to national, international or local district competition standards and facilitate better utilisation of your turf asset with multiple field mark-outs.

Local Sports Clubs and Associations
As a local football club President, Richard know the challenges that face local clubs. Responsibilities normally reside with a few very dedicated people and additional tasks like line marking become significant without the proper equipment, expertise or time.

Education Institutions
Marking out playing arenas for the various sports played at schools and colleges can be significant. Outsourcing the task of line marking means that Gardening and Physical Education staff can focus on performing their core functions. It equates to higher academic outcomes within the sports subject area and reduced stress associated with the management of additional tasks and expectations.

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Mark My Turf will provide competitive quoting for all playing fields based on international, national, district or specific club standards and specifications including initial set up and regular re-marking, emergency mark out, junior grade dimensions and, custom fields. For a quote, fill out the form opposite or phone Richard Brown on 0450 398 315

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