Local Government Sporting Fields

Local Government is responsible for ensuring the maintenance and application of minimum standards in all aspects of governance and operational functionality. These responsibilities extend to the use of accredited service providers for the performance of tasks and processes required to fulfill their respective objectives.

As part of the requirement to be self-sufficient and sustainable, local governments must reconcile revenue against expenses in the development and maintenance of community assets. Part of the revenue raising process includes charging sporting groups or clubs for the use of assets like sports reserves and parks. The value of this expense to sporting clubs and associations is dependent upon how the value of the local Government’s service or provision of a sports reserve is perceived.

Utilising a service provider to perform the ground line marking task presents a unique opportunity for a local government to impress itself within the local sporting community. Using the economic processes and environmentally safe products offered by Mark My Turf is a sensible and proactive approach to the management and development of sporting clubs’ use of community assets.

An area of contention and frustration for sports clubs is the expense and expertise required to mark out the boundaries or lines relevant to their sporting code. To reduce the expenditure, sporting clubs will endure the time taken for volunteers to manually mark out the lines required for their sport. Some clubs, in the pursuit of efficiency may use substances that have the capacity to damage grass or turf surfaces. When this occurs, a local government may commence a time consuming and relationship damaging process including correspondence, with explanations of consequences for ongoing application of prohibited substances or for the pursuit of costs associated with the assets’ repair or damaged infrastructure.

Much of the administration of these processes can be avoided if the task of marking lines for respective clubs is performed by qualified people with the expertise and equipment that can ensure the task is completed using environmentally friendly water based products and without using marking equipment with the potential to damage irrigation infrastructure and other council equipment or assets.

Utilising a service provider with this expertise and equipment eliminates the need to use prohibited substances or lines and pegs that may damage irrigation pipes, or poison the turf or grass asset maintained by the council. Using a line marking service provider will ensure compliance with a local government’s expectations without the expense associated with the investment in equipment, consumables and training.

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