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Turf and Grass Sport Field Line Marking Perth

Mark My Turf will line mark your sporting field including:


Mark My Turf is a sports field line marking service provider. We focus on the delivery of a quality line marking service that is accurate, timely and affordable. We do not supply line marking paint, accessories or line marking equipment. We do the line marking for you.

Using GPS technology, Mark My Turf can mark out playing arenas on grass and turf for most outdoor field sports. With various colours and marking styles available, different sporting codes can be marked on the same venue. We will reference local Sporting association rules and regulations applicable to codes of sport played on turf or grass surfaces in WA to ensure the line marking provided meets the required standards.

We have an extensive range of sport grounds that can be marked. If you have a requirement that is not listed here, just ask because our services are not limited to sports grounds. Mark My Turf can create custom or novelty event marking, ideal for pre-primary school sports days or corporate sports events as well as map venues for identification of vendor areas.

Australian Rules Football Field Line Marking

Aussie Rules football fields can be marked out to any dimension the playing area allows. The boundary will be a perfect and continuous arc. Colour lines and numerals all provided with our GPS accuracy.Requirements like interchange and bench areas and spectator exclusion zones can also be included. Ovals can be marked in smaller dimensions for junior football grades which includes goal squares, centre circles and spectator exclusion zones if necessary.

Auskick Junior Football Field Line Marking

Auskick grids can be marked to virtually any dimension, maximising accessibility and player volumes. Grids can include sections and goal post locations. This makes setting up easy and consistent.

Baseball Australian Diamond Set Up Marking

The diamond for Baseball will be marked to competition requirements, includes extended ‘foul’ lines from 1st and 3rd bases, batting boxes, coaching boxes and pitcher’s mound.

Softball Australian Diamond Set Up Marking

Softball diamonds can be marked to international standards of distances between bases for adults, youth and school-age players. Marked layout includes base plates, batter boxes, foul lines and pitching circle (to specified pitching distance).

Tee-ball Line Marking

Markings for tee-ball and junior grade ‘softball’ can be marked to dimensions recommended by Softball WA Inc or to dimensions that will maximise use of venue size.

Lacrosse Fields

Lacrosse field markings can be placed to traditional (men’s and women’s) and / or unified dimensions and standards including substitution areas and coach’s walk boxes. Junior grade dimensions can be applied where required

Cricket Pitches and Accurate Set Up Line Marking

Cricket grounds can be marked to any competition regulation requirements. Batting crease extensions (to ‘point’ and ‘square leg’) and field exclusion zones (30 yard / 27.43 metre) can be included if required. Batting and bowling creases can be applied if needed in hard wearing paint to applicable competition regulations.

Rugby Union Playing Field Line Marking Set Up

The Rugby Union playing area will be marked to local and international competition requirements including solid and dash lines as described for regulation fields. Junior ground dimensions can be applied as required.

Rugby League Playing Field Line Marking Set Up

Rugby League’s playing area will be marked to local and international competition requirements. Numerals and technical areas can be included if requested along with coloured 40m lines. Junior ground dimensions can be applied to facilitate Mini-footy and Mod-League

Soccer Field Senior and Junior Set Up Marking

The marking requirements for Soccer pitches can be marked to local and FIFA competition requirements. Dimensions can be amended to suit established pitch lengths and preferred widths. For green-field locations, i.e. (without established/permanent goals) soccer pitches, line marking can be performed including identification of goal location. Junior grade dimensions can be marked to suit local game requirements.

Hockey Fields Line Marked

The marking requirements for Hockey fields can be marked to local and international (IHF) competition requirements. Marking can be performed on natural and artificial surfaces. Boundary dimensions are marked to regulated length and preferred width. Junior grade dimensions can be marked to suit specified standards requirements.

Tennis Court Lines

The specific line marking requirements for grass-court competition can be applied using diluted chalk paint. Lines are marked to the dimensions of singles and doubles tennis courts as defined by the International Tennis Federation.

Touch Football Field Area Line Markings

Touch Football’s playing area will be marked to local and international competition requirements. Numerals and technical areas can be included if requested.

Athletic Tracks Line Marking and Athletic Events Ground Marking

An extensive range of Athletics line marking requirements including IAAF standards can be facilitated where venue dimensions are adequate. Full 400m tracks with 1.22m lanes can be marked on any turf / grass surface. Where venue capacity is restricted, custom running tracks can be created to meet your requirements with lane widths of 1.00m, 1.10m and 1.22m. Staggered start lines can be marked where applicable with lane numbers if requested. Short course tracks can be marked where significant venue restrictions apply. Field events including javelin, shot-put and discus can be marked as well as ball games.

Custom Fields

Various custom or novelty event marking can be performed, including mapping venues that require the identification of trader stalls.